Guest Susan Demas, political analyst for Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS) and MLive Columnist said around the Capitol in Lansing very few people believe University of Michigan Regent Denise Ilitch will not run for Governor. Susan thinks personal issues were part of decision.

Although Ann Arbor’s successful businessman Rick Snyder, a Republican running for governor will have a tough time of it even with very deep pockets. Governor Jennifer Granholm recently said more knowledge about the state Legislature would have helped her achieve more. And, this is even after serving as the States Attorney General for eight years.  Susan Demas says he will have a hard time being an effective governor.

February is Black History Month. Patrina Chapman, Curator of Detroit’s Charles M. Wright Museum of African American History brought the question – Was there an only Black labor union in America? The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters was an all Black labor union organized in 1925. Pullman Porters, not that long ago when slavery was banned served passengers on America’s trains with duties that including cooking meals, ironing passenger clothing, baby-sitting only allowed to sleep 3-hours per night. It took years for the Union to be recognized by railroads, but it did succeed allowing for collective bargaining.

Issues raised on the show this week included State Majority Leader Mike Bishop’s proposal to cut all higher education funding. Proposed layoffs of 19 firefighters and 9 police officers that previously on the Lou Perry Program, Ann Arbor’s Police Chief Barrett Jones warned about the shrinkage of staffs of these safety services.

The Lou Perry Program, heard Sunday’s at 11 AM on 1290 WLBY and   is the only local/live progressive talk show focusing on what makes sense and what does not. Listeners by web streaming call from as far away as New York City to San Francisco.

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